Leasing & Buyer Application
The Buena Vida Governing Documents require all new buyers to be approved prior to closing. Potential homeowners and/or lessees must go through Tenant Evaluation for background and credit check. The cost for this application is $100.00 per married couple, or $100.00 per individual. It's an additional $45.00 fee if you wish to expedite the application.  
**Please make sure to select the correct application type before proceeding with the application process**
(Before you begin, note that a valid major credit card is required, and allow 15-20 minutes or more for the completion of this step.)
Step 1: Go to www.TenantEV.com
Lease Purchase #:  8232
Ready: Begin your online application.
Step 2: If you leave the step before completion, the data entered may not be saved.
Follow the prompts.
New Home buyers are also required to request an estoppel through Castle Group. You can contact them directly at 800-337-5850.
The Buena Vida Governing Documents require the Board to approve all lessees prior to moving into the house. The current home owners must pay a $1,500.00 security deposit for them to rent out their home. The deposit will be kept on file until the lessee moves out of the house. The deposit will then be refunded to the homeowner.

Please Click Here: Buena Vida Tenant Evaluation